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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Water Front Challenge Review

For the past three years I have ran the Waterfront Challenge here in Louisville Kentucky. This year I decided it's time to tell you what I think of this challenge in whole and tell you exactly how challenging it is.

First of all I would like to say the variety of people I see come to this challenge amazes me every year.  I am one when I do races who gets into my own "Zone" I tried very hard this time to pay attention to the people and commentary from everyone is unbelievable at least in the wave and the group of people that ended up running with me and my husband  throughout the race. Everyone was encouraging, making one another laugh anything to get us through the course. Ok, now for the review.

Waterfront Challenge: Urban Obstacle Course 5k
Cost: 69.00
Insurance Fee: 5.50
Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Location: The Waterfront of Louisville which is the Ohio River. It is very beautiful. The starting line is right in front of the river and runs through the Waterfront Park of Louisville. Very Beautiful scenery all around.

Who is it for: It is a very challenging course. Every year I see various levels of fitness do this Race. I see people who I would deem as extremely fit struggling through some of the obstacles. If you have some major injury's or healthy conditions think twice before you do this Race. I do however think almost anyone can do this race. You may have to pace yourself more than you would like but you will get through it and you will have fun if you have that mindset knowing it's going to be challenging.  I have done it 3 years in a row and every year it is challenging but so rewarding at the end.  

Race: You run the race through out the Waterfront Park right by the Ohio river. Some of the locations of the race take you through parts of the park that you normally would venture too. It is a challenging race and has been every year that I have done it. With rolling hills ( and do NOT underestimate these hills) open lawns, and urban obstacles and fun wet finish at the end. 

Obstacles: Every year they add one or two more obstacles. Most are are urban obstacles such as steps, picnic tables, sidewalk area and HILLS! I got asked while walking back to my car what was the most challenging obstacle in the race. The hills!!! Why? Because there is not just one there are many steep hills. You think you are done with them and BAM there is another one. Other obstacles include, walking luges, ammo can carries, bear crawling under nets, tire carries, sack hops, cars, semi trailers and at the a nice water slide. These are not all the obstacles but this should give you an idea on what you would be facing in this race.

Organization: The first year the organization wasn't bad but I will say it has gotten even better every year. It is obvious they learn from past. They make sure they have people to man every obstacle area to encourage you, help you and make sure there is no injury during the race.

They did the race in 15 minute a waves. This is like may obstacle races because they want to make sure the obstacles don't become congested, which can lead to injuries.

They had a water station near the start of the race that you could begin your hydration. I think this is wise because it is in the summer time and the heat and humidity is pretty bad. I know waiting for my wave it was like the sun was zapping all  my energy out of me. The summer heat and humidity in itself is your first obstacle.

They had two water stations throughout the course placed at little past 1 mile and a little past 2 miles of the course. I do think they need to add another hydration station somewhere. That  last leg of the race is the hardest and I was very much wanting another drink.

Rewards:  I never go to be the winner of the race. I don't train for these races like that  so I go  more for the fun. They do however give finisher medals and after a course like that a finishers medal is defiantly something to take pride in. There is also an after party if you wish to take part in that. Food and beer and just a good time, so I hear. I am not one for beer and all honesty I was pretty worn out and just wanted to go home eat and hit the sack, but there is that option if you wanted to stay.

Overall: Obviously I enjoy the challenge or I would not keep coming back to it. I like the challenge I like the people and I like the feeling I get when I finish. I hate the hills but it would be as challenging or the Waterfront Challenge without them. I will continue to run this race until I move from KY so I at least have one or two more years of this challenging course, and I can't wait for next years.