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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hell Bent Chicks Weightlifting Straps Review

I was honored when I was asked to test out a product from the owner of Hell Bent Chick, the lovely BobbyLee. She sent me a beautiful and personalized pair of purple straps with a "Fanci" design. Purple is the color of Epilepsy Awareness, it was so sweet of her to consider the cause that is so close to my heart when designing this particular pair. I am always down to try new products, especially when they are customized! Needless to say, I was excited about trying them out.

BobbyLee customizes her straps to fit your personality, which many of us women love. I mean who doesn't love to show off their sense of style or quirkiness, especially in the gym?

Customized means they are HAND made! The best of the best for every lift! They are thinner and a bit shorter than “one-size fits most” commercial weightlifting straps, making them great for women because we tend to have smaller hands and wrists.

BobbyLee considers every aspect of her straps, including comfort. Her straps also have padding that, when you wrap it around you wrist, helps keep the nylon from digging into your skin for a more comfortable fit and lift. I really enjoyed this because often, when I did use straps, they would dig into my skin making the lift uncomfortable and probably ineffective.

Due to the fact that other weight lifting straps cut into me, I rarely used them. This was always frustrating because my grip has continually been a weak link when it comes to lifting to my full potential. I was very excited that my straps allowed me to comfortably lift the weight with proper form and control.

When I first used them, I did notice they were a bit stiff. So like many "new" things, you need to make sure you break them in by moving them around and bending them, as they would be used in the weight room. It doesn't take long for you to get them broke in and moving the way they need.

While using them, I noticed they wrapped around the weight with a snug comfortable grip without slippage. Funny thing, since I didn't use straps often, I had a bit of trouble figuring them out on my own. I would always borrow a pair from someone and they would show me how to use them. Over time that instruction was forgotten and I had gone months without using straps until Hell Bent Chicks sent me a pair.

I looked silly trying to figure them out so the members of my gym, who are old school body builders, assisted me in the use of them. Even though my straps were purple and feminine in design, they were so impressively made that I started asking members if they would also try them out and give me good feedback.

 I received great feedback on the comfort, durability, and effectiveness of the straps that even though they are purple, many of them still ask to use them when they forget theirs. To, me, that says speaks volumes!

So if you are in need of a great pair of weight lifting straps and want to add your own personal flair to them, contact Hell Bent Chicks on Facebook, ask how you can get your customized pair and tell her A'Lisha from Fanci Fitness sent you!

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