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Monday, August 10, 2015

Strong is Beautiful

Strong is Beautiful

 What does this mean to you? This is a quote I often use and many others do too but what exactly are we talking about? Well I can't speak for the others but when I say "Strong is beautiful" I do not always mean the physical aspects of the words strong and beautiful though I do often pair it with a flex picture and because of that want to clarify on what I mean when I use these two words.

 You cannot judge one person’s strength and beauty simply by a glance. Strong and beauty are both imperfect and deceiving to the eye.

 When we use these words a lot of times we tend to have ideal image in our head. "Strong and fit", "Beautiful and graceful" and like my quote above "Strong is beautiful". And the image in our heads we usually think of the physical sense of the words and we rarely think about the inner strength and beauty that we all behold.

 "Be your own kind of Strong and be your own kind of Beautiful"

 The words “Strong” and “Beautiful” go deeper than that of physical aspect of the words you also have the mental and emotional/spiritual aspects as well that cannot be shown on the outside but you have to look within a person or yourself to find it.  They tend to be the most powerful and true aspects of the words as well, at least in my opinion.
 To be truly strong and beautiful on the outside you must harness an inner strength and beauty that comes from the mental and emotional/spiritual aspects of the words. The thing with these two words is that they are consistently evolving either physically, mentally or emotionally/spiritually.  If you do not possess this inner beauty and strength, then you are nothing but a pretty strong shell, allowing no room for any real growth.
To be strong physically shows that you can lift, move and power through any physical challenge that lies before you. Many people see those who are athletically fit to be the strongest when it comes to physical aspect of the word strong but that is not always true.  The physical aspect of strong can be quite deceiving because we often look at one physical appearance to determine if one is physically strong. If they are very muscular then we assume they are strong physically but that is not always the case.
 The same goes for the word beautiful, associating it with models on the covers of magazines, though beauty many times is in the eye of the beholder. Though as a society we have conditioned to a certain standard of what is beautiful and what is not.  But the truth is society’s ideal image of both strong and beautiful are commercialized and are nothing compared to what true beauty and strength is.
In order to be truly physically strong and beautiful you need to be mentally and emotionally/spiritually strong and beautiful as well. You need to be able to see yourself accomplishing something difficult that requires physical strength but might have to look inward and you need to be able to see past any imperfections you think you may or may not have and look deep within yourself to find the true beauty that lies within you in order to accomplish your goals.
 Mental beauty is believing in yourself and knowing you are capable of anything, it's being able to look beyond the image in a magazine or mirror. You are able to see your true worth, and with that you often show inner strength. Knowing you do not have to fit into an ideal image but accepting yourself the way you and embracing your uniqueness.
  Being emotionally beautiful you show kindness to others, give when you can and lift others up no matter the situation, and having a positive outlook on life. Having a kind heart or a heart of gold is often thought to be one of most enduring terms when it comes to inner beauty and if often shown through glow that radiates off you without you even knowing it.

 The thing about strong and beautiful is we tend to get stronger and more beautiful as we get older through all aspect of the words. Our life is our journey and through that journey we are put through trials. Being beautiful and strong spiritually is understanding you cannot control it all and having faith that things will work out on their own, that you are a part of something bigger.  We often fail many times before we succeed and make many mistakes along the way making us stronger when it comes to facing everyday life.
  When it comes to strength, some of us are stronger in one area than another. Some of us may look weak on the outside but on the inside can be stronger than any one person can imagine, this is what we call mental strength.  Mental strength is having the strength get through tough times.  The ability to just gut it out when things are at their bleakest.  To overcome adversity when others around you are failing.  Mental strength is looking beyond the image in magazine or mirror and to be able to see your true worth and true beauty.
 Take a minute and think about your everyday life. Every day we face the unknown, we wake up with expectations in our head on how the day should go but in reality we understand that things might not go exactly how we plan but we find a way to make it all work. That takes inner strength and that inner strength radiates as beauty. Finding the inner beauty inside you that no one but yourself can ever take away.  The only person who can hold you back is you but knowing you are strong and beautiful will help you rise above anything that will try to hold you down.
 Strong is accepting everyone for who they are and the beauty will be when all can do this. 
 Strong is BEAUTIFUL
 Strong is YOU!
 So many "Strong's" to list and so many "Beauty's" to behold ... So what makes your STRONG and BEAUTIFUL