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Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Hero to Me

A Hero to Me

A Hero to me is courageous
Someone who looks fear in the face and overcomes it everyday

A Hero to me does not get discourage over mere obstacles
But  becomes more resilient in looking for solutions in overcoming
A Hero to me is not perfect but very much flawed
They make mistakes they learned from them  and they move on

A Hero to me has no true superpowers and more than just brute strength
The only true power they have is that in strength of their heart

A Hero to me never looks for glory or praise
But looks for just a simple smile to brighten their day

A Hero to me smiles
Even through the tears

A Hero fights for what they believe
Whether they stand alone or within  a crowd

A Hero to me is symbol of hope a symbol of courage
A symbol of love, a symbol of faith

A Hero to me will help without being asked
And risk their lives without a second thought

A Hero to me has been put through hell
But stands tall and prevails

 A Hero to me is in all of us
We just have to be willing to see
The Hero we can be